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Keith Mindham Photography 30 years experience.

Keith is a PR and event photographer in Norwich, Ipswich, Cambridge, Bury St Edmunds and Thetford areas, but travels nationwide for many clients.

His success in public relations photography is due to fifteen years experience as a press and magazine photographer at Suffolk's East Anglian Daily Times newspaper. His former picture editor said "you are the eyes of the public and in a privileged position" and how right he was, that's what made the job so interesting and exciting, meeting people from all walks of life and learning the skills to get the best photos from any situation.

Keiths freelance career started in 2003, based on building a reliable, professional service, having a good rapport with his subjects, providing consistent quality and working to deadline. This combined with capturing eye catching images which tell a story and fulfils the brief has gained him hundreds of clients nationwide.

Please take a look at the Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Cambridge PR photography galleries on this page to find out more about the services offered. 01842 763158 / 07709 276617

Public relations photography advice

Pr photography covers many aspects of business, conferences, team building events, corporate, people shots, brochures, company reports, product launches, the list is endless but the end result is the same, to increase awareness of your services or products to potential clients.

'Great public relations photography speak volumes'

Yes the old adage 'a picture is worth a thousand words' holds true in todays competitive media and online marketing, it's usually a vibrant, well composed and thought provoking PR or press photo that begs you to read the story, so make your pr photography eye catching and informative.

Why use a professional?

Keith was a press and magazine photographer at Suffolk's premier daily newspaper The East Anglian Daily Times for fifteen years before starting a freelance career in 2003, and is confident and tactful when photographing in demanding situations and environments, where quick thinking and relating to clients and the the public from all walks of life is second nature.

PR photography for press and media releases.

Your public relations story should be irresistible to editors and online users, make sure the words and photos have real news value, impact and outweigh other potential stories which are fighting for the same valuable column inches space in the your targeted media.

PR photography is it cost effective?

Of course it is, when you look at advertising rates in press and magazines public relations photography is good value for money, that's why businesses have pr departments, plus you can reuse the pr photography online and in the printed aspects of your business.

Quality PR photography needs planning.

Good pr photography is about quality not quantity, to maximise your media coverage ask Keith to plan your public relations photography with you, don't just rely on your marketing people as they don't think like photographers who like Keith is passionate about his work and has the skills, equipment and experience to create exciting pr photography.

Why not supply your own public relations photographs?

Again the adage springs to mind 'if a jobs worth doing it's worth doing well. You may have an employee or friend who takes photos for your business but usually their expertise and equipment will play second fiddle to a professional who understands the market they are shooting for, and professionals normally shoot in RAW format despite it taking longer to edit than Jpeg's, raw files obtains higher quality, precise control for colour critical clients and non destructive editing of originals.

For advice and help planning your public relations and event please email or call Keith 077092 76617 / 01842 763158

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